Security and Compliance in Government Clouds

Andrew Pawloski

July 16th, 2019

Government cybersecurity is simple.

NIST 800-53 Controls Guide:

  • Who can access the system (and how)
  • What events are stored and audited
  • How data is encrypted at rest and in transit

Conventional Deployments

  • Predictable hardware lifecycle
  • Consistent network footprint
  • Vertical operational needs

Slow changes to infrastructure.

Rapid deployment of code.

Rapid changes throughout the stack.

Major infrastructure changes can occur within a single development ticket.

Different services are secured in different ways.

We need a security approach that maps to the speed and complexity of the cloud.

Core features of cloud cybersecurity

  • Adaptive monitoring
  • Well-definied verification criteria
  • Easy-to-invoke change processes

Expect and support rapid changes.

Rapid Monitoring

What questions do I want to ask at a given time?

Rapid Monitoring

Verification Criteria

How can I certify that this system is secure?

Verification Criteria

Change Management

How do I support new features, services, and patterns?

Change Management

Work in the cloud isn't slowing down. It's accelerating.

We need to update our compliance methodologies to support it.

Thank you.

Andrew Pawloski