SatCat: Cloud-Native Archives of Convenience for Remote Sensing Workloads

Andrew Pawloski

May 6th, 2019

Monolithic data access techniques are inefficient.

How can users more effectively use remotely-stored datasets?

Cloud Optimized GeoTIFFs (COGs)
  • Regular GeoTIFFs
  • Tiled
  • Support HTTP GET Range Requests
  • End users download subset range of the GeoTIFF
Typical Raster
Image credit: James Norton (Element 84)
Tiled GeoTIFF
Image credit: James Norton (Element 84)
  • Multi-dimensional arrays saved in discrete chunks
  • Each chunk is a file
  • Clients can pull only the chunks they need

There are context-specific advantages to interacting with data in particular formats.

How can we utilize existing Earth observation datasets in these cloud-native formats?

  • Corpus of GOES-16 Full Disk product imagery (Level 2)
  • 20TB of raw data
  • On-demand AoC creation from original netCDF
  • Possible with S3 (thanks NOAA!) and spot EC2 instances


Thank you.